Remember to Brush and Floss

On Tuesday we had an on location video shoot at a Dentist’s office. Over the past year, we have been documenting a local man’s journey into the world of dental implants. This particular procedure uses the latest in laser technology to cut a mold to cast a prosthetic that fits the individual perfectly.

We began almost a year ago filming the extraction of all of his teeth. Yikes! Tuesday we filmed the final prosthetic teeth being inserted. When all was said and done, you couldn’t even tell the difference!

Filming in a dental surgeon’s operating room is tricky business. There is not much room to maneuver and you are focusing on a very small area that is already being occupied by 2 other people. For maximum steadiness, we used a mono pod. Thankfully the camera we used is somewhat compact, so it wasn’t too heavy to hold up high at a sharp angle. Plus, the patient was kept at ease since we were able to stay a considerable distance away from him.

Up next is the video editing process. I have always been squeamish when it comes to medical footage, but I managed to edit the extraction process so this should be a breeze!