Screen Captures for Demo Reels

Now that DDA in 60 seconds is complete, we begin the task of creating individual demo reels for each of DDA’s 7 divisions. This includes DDA Corporate, DDA Video, DDA Medical (did I mention the new DDA Medical Smartsite?), DDA Apps, DDA SEM, DDA CMT, and DDA USA. Each reel will consist of relevant clips from our massive portfolio. DDA in 60 seconds gave you a general idea of what DDA is all about. These individual demo reels will give viewers a more in depth look at each division and allow them to see what each is capable of.

A plethora of projects will be included in these reels, including non-video projects such as flash applications and websites. These will be displayed using screen capture software. This software allows us to record images and sound displayed on any computer monitor. With this technology, we are able to show a user interacting with a website, game, application, CD-ROM, DVD, and more. The software is also useful for computer training applications since it allows for the addition of narration and has zooming capability. To see this software in action, keep an eye out for DDA’s 7 division demo reels!