Showcasing Our Skills

Since I have been working on integrating content for websites all week, I figure I will take a little break from that and begin updating our various portfolios. All of our video projects can be seen at DDA Video, but we also have several other portfolios as well. The portfolio at our corporate site is chock full of all kinds of interesting projects that we have created over the years. Not only videos, but websites, graphic design, photography, 3d animation and flash animation. Any service you could possibly need is available under one roof.

If you’re in the medical industry, head on over to the portfolio at DDA Medical. There you will find all sorts of medical websites, DVDs, web casts, CD-ROMs, illustrations and animations. Be warned however, that some of it is not for the squeamish!

While those sites have plenty of content as is, we are always creating new projects to be added. Let your project be the next one showcased in one of our portfolios!