Smooth Operator

The past few days have gone rather smoothly here at DDA Video. Andrew and I are in the process of finishing the rough version of the mockumentary video. Just some finishing touches need to be added including some graphics designed by Melissa. There is only so much an editor can do with footage so it is nice to be able to add in some eye pleasing graphics to help with the video’s stylized look. Some sound design issues also need to be addressed. The reporter in said video used a hand held microphone which is specifically designed not to pick up background noise. This is especially useful when shooting on a busy street, as loud cars and other street noise may interfere with the dialogue. Unfortunately, if the microphone is not held directly in front of the subject, the audio can be faint. Luckily, we used a boom on the other audio channel which allows us to pick the microphone with the best audio. We can then boost certain sections of that audio in post. Another task is establishing mood through music. Since the video has both humorous and serious sections, it is important to choose music that reflects the mood of each section. Otherwise, the video is in good shape and should be ready to send to the client this afternoon!