So Close…

Well, it looks like it is shaping up to be another busy week here at DDA. A plethora of projects are just about complete and just need some final tweaking. We will start with website design:

We have been working on a website for a company that makes testing machines. This website has an extremely large amount of content so we devised a clever flash tool to make navigation simple and fun!

Next we have a virtual trade show booth for an auto parts manufacturer. This booth also has a large amount of content that is presented in a new and exciting way. The booth is in a 3-D environment and can be rotated and zoomed into. The user then clicks on the images which enlarge and lead the user to a number of other links to content concerning the product.

Next we have a training CD-ROM for a medical device. This CD-ROM uses flash animation to teach the user how to operate a medical device and its software. The CD-ROM also includes narration to further help the user understand the content.

Next we have a health education website with video spokesperson and interactive flash magazine. This website is designed to educate people of all ages on the facts about the HPV virus. The user can either watch the on screen spokesperson or read through custom built magazines to learn about sexual health.

Finally, we have a CD-ROM catalog. This catalog combines videos, images, sounds into one handy flash package. The user is able to see every detail of the product so they know exactly what they are purchasing. They can also learn about the company as well as other products they might like to purchase.

As these projects are completed, many others are just beginning so stay tuned to see more!