Something Sweet This Holiday Season

This weekend I managed to finish all of my Christmas shopping. It was quite an experience to say the least. I don’t think I will wait this long next year. I also did a little baking. That’s right, I can bake. I made some cookies and didn’t even burn them. I also whipped up something sweet online; some additions to the DDA portfolio

It hadn’t been long since the portfolio was last updated, but we have been working on so many new projects over the past few months that it was definitely needed. Updates were made to corporate video, DDA Medical, product launch video, 2-D flash animation, promo CDs and DVDs, instructional videos, DDA CMT, virtual reality, latest and greatest, and even calendars! With the large amount of projects awaiting completion, it won’t be long before these portfolio’s need updating once again. In the meantime check them out and prepare to be impressed.