Sound Design For Video Projects

It is amazing how using the right music and sound effects can make corporate video productions much more effective. DDA has an extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects of every genre to properly set the mood of any video project. Each music track usually comes in 2 minute, 30 second, and 15 second versions. Audio editing is required to sync the tracks ending with the project’s end. The audio can also be manipulated to sync up with various “hits” throughout the project. Since many corporate video projects aim to say a great deal in a short time, the music must be upbeat and energetic to keep up with the editing pace. There are always exceptions however, as a slower paced Caribbean sounding piece was recently used in a video project about swimming pools.

Sound effects are also important, especially when attempting to create a fantasy type environment. In the videos for Insideout Man, much of the footage was done with 3D animation. In order to make these environments seem believable, a great deal of sound effect manipulation was used to make the super hero powers and behaviors convincing. Sound effects can also be used to grab the viewers attention when something new appears on screen. When music and sound effects are used effectively, it can really make a video project stand out above the rest.