Staying Warm This Holiday Season

The past couple of days have been absolutely freezing, and this morning is no exception. My previous idea to keep the heat off until Thanksgiving was overturned about 2 weeks ago. But that wasn’t enough. This weekend I knew that further measures needed to be taken.

My house is quite old, and in turn quite drafty. I am no handyman, but I had heard that putting plastic over the windows did wonders. I decided to try out this method and it was probably the most frustrating thing I have ever done. Putting 2 sided tape along the perimeter of the window was the easy part, but cutting a giant piece of plastic to fit a 5 foot window was nearly impossible. How can you cut a straight line!? After several hours, I managed to successfully cover 2 windows in plastic but I wasn’t even able to complete the final step since I don’t own a hair dryer. It seemed to help a bit, but I could still feel a draft. I decided to go one step further and put some weather stripping in the window. Now my room is toasty warm!

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