Streaming Flash Server Makes Quick Work of Large Web Videos

A new project recently came our way that utilizes both our website design skills and our 3D animation and video post production abilities. A medical company approached us to design a site that features over 60 videos that show the different intricacies of human swallowing. Those videos are then paired with a 3D animation of that particular stage. The goal is to create an interesting and informative method to train doctors about this seemingly simple medical area. Since we are using so many videos and they have to play at the same time, it is a good thing DDA runs its own flash server. Using Red5, an open source flash server program, DDA is able to stream flash videos almost instantaneously. The user does not have to wait for the video to load which makes learning easier and less time consuming. DDA has always been a pioneer in the area of web video and our flash server allows us to work with even larger files and even more extravagant designs.