Streaming Medical Video Puts You In The OR

DDA Medical has teamed up with DDA Video to bring you streaming medical video! Our streaming flash server allows us to create a live web stream of any medical procedure, meeting, conference, etc from anywhere in the world! Anyone is able to view these streams regardless of Internet connection, because the quality is adjustable. Plus, the video is also recorded simultaneously so it may be used later for other projects including a website video, DVD or CD-ROM.

Streaming medical video can be used as a learning tool. By broadcasting a procedure to students and colleagues you can keep them abreast to the latest medical techniques. Streaming medical video can also be used as a promotional tool, showing the latest medical devices in action. Connect people from all over the world as they tune in to view your lecture or conference.

Have an in-studio shoot in mind? We can stream the shoot live so you can give immediate feedback without having to leave the comfort of your office. With streaming medical video, the possibilities are endless.