TCB: Takin’ Care of Business

Another week is wrapping up here at DDA and we have a number of projects that are wrapping up as well. The interactive educational sexual health web tool is in its final stages as I render out the flash versions of the videos. The tool is essentially a series of online magazines that educates the user about sexual health. There is also a video of a guide to accompany the magazine to further explain the details. With this combination of video, sound, images, pictures and interactivity the user stays immersed in the content and thus retains it.

Another project includes a financial assistance website complete with interactive calculator. We also are integrating a video companion into this site for the same reasons I had mentioned previously. Having an actual human being on screen really helps the user feel comfortable and digest the content.

And finally, I will be working on the flash animations for the medical device manufacturer training CD-ROM, as I have been all week. While I am still struggling a bit with Flash, it definitely is getting easier. And having Rob around yesterday really came in handy when I had a million questions.

Well, I have a lot of stuff to get started on so I will bid you adieu. Until next time…