The Benefits of Shooting HD

Here at DDA we use the Sony HVR-V1U to shoot the majority of our video productions. The HVR-V1U is an HDV camera which means it records on mini-DV tapes but in double the resolution of a normal video camera. This means that if a project is in standard format, the video can be cropped and zoomed to a certain extent without resulting in pixelation. Since the video is in such high resolution, the result is a crisp, clean shot that cannot be compared to a regular SD camera. And since the HVR-V1U uses the compact mini-DV tapes, the camera itself is extremely compact and portable, which is useful for on-location shoots (a beta cam is more than 5 times its size!). The camera also records on to a hard drive which is not only a great back up device, but a time saver as well. Since the footage is being recorded straight to the hard drive, quality is not compromised and capture time is nearly eliminated. The HVR-V1U has really come a long way since the early days of digital video and I cannot wait to see what Sony has up their sleeve next!