The Benefits of Storyboards

As several projects wrap up, several others begin. We are doing a promotional video for a physical therapy chain and Laura just finished up the script so I have been going over it and putting in some screen actions. Our friends Jimmy and Donna are coming back to the studio tomorrow; this time to be behind the camera as we shoot a video for their website. The CMT (corporate and medical training) videos seem to be coming together nicely as Rob continues work on the 3d seal and I run tests with the camera to make sure everything goes smoothly. I also created a storyboard for this script since there is quite a bit of dialog between the spokesperson and the seal. Storyboards really do help immensely when planning scripts of this nature because dialog between two characters is enhanced with dramatic cuts and close ups. Without a storyboard, one can feel overwhelmed when shooting since there is already enough to worry about. Plus, shooting is always easier when everyone has an idea what the look and feel of the video will be like.