The Benefits of Studio Shooting

It is the beginning of another week here at DDA video, and as usual we have a lot on our plate. Tomorrow, some folks from a physical therapy chain will be coming in to shoot some video of a doctor and patient. The original plan was to shoot in their offices, but after discussing the theme and direction of the DVD, both parties agreed it would be best to use our studio. Shooting in our studio has many benefits as opposed to shooting on location. One of the greatest benefits is the overall look of the piece. When shooting in a controlled environment with professional lighting, the actors and or products just look incredible. Plus, with the use of the green screen, we can insert the subject into any environment and manipulate the video much easier. Sound is also a factor. Shooting in the quiet of the studio means no distracting background noise. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting on location as well, but certain video production projects just work a whole lot better when shot here. Check out out our portfolio at DDA to see examples of the many faces that have been in our studio.