The Days Grow Shorter

Another Monday is upon us and perhaps my least favorite part of fall is becoming more and more evident. Daylight is dwindling. For the past few weeks the sun has been getting lower and lower in the sky on my drive to work and this morning it did not rise while I sped down I-95. While I look forward to the holiday season and the many feelings it evokes, I can’t help but miss those long summer days.

No worries however, as we will be keeping quite busy around here. Today we have a photo shoot with the president of a company that has been a loyal client for quite some time now. We will be taking some photos for their monthly newsletter. We also will be continuing work on a number of other projects including a training CD-ROM and count em: 3 website spokesperson videos. It will be nice to finally wrap up these projects as we have been working on them for quite some time now.