The DDA Portfolio Continues to Grow

It is really incredible how fast we crank out the quality work that we do. Over the past several weeks, I have been adding content to the new DDA Medical portfolio and up until yesterday, I thought that everything had been covered. But to my surprise, a number of projects had been completed over those past couple weeks and were ready to be added. Currently, there are 125 unique items in the DDA Medical portfolio. This includes everything from medical videos, medical trade show displays, medical brochures, medical graphics and illustrations, medical websites and more. The site will be launching soon, but I am sure there will be some last minute additions to the portfolio.

This is only a slice of what DDA has to offer considering that the portfolios for DDA Video, DDA CMT and DDA Corporate have hundreds of other items. This high volume of work DDA creates is no surprise however. The company has been producing quality work for 15 years and is constantly keeping up with the latest technology to continue offering new services. The list of services is too vast to list here, but you can begin to get an idea of it when you visit