The Latest From DDA Video

We have begun processing footage that was shot on Monday at the hospital in New York City. So far, it is looking great! We are going to begin story boarding and before you know it we will have a finished product that will really help the hospital recruit patients.

DDA Medical’s new website is coming along nicely. We have begun adding images and project descriptions to each section and have fixed many of the bugs. The site is really unique and when it launches I think it will receive a lot of positive attention.

Next Monday we have 2 more video shoots scheduled. One is for a promotional video for a physical therapy chain that has been on hold for some time. The company we are doing the video for has been expanding at such a rapid rate, we had to write several additions to the scripts that were shot months ago. Nancy is scheduled to come into the studio on Monday and I’m sure she will do great.

The other shoot is for more 360 degree rotating jewelry videos! Over the past few years, we have been perfecting the art of shooting jewelry so the customer can see every square inch of the piece. Monday we will be shooting some rings.

Well that is all from the DDA Video home front. Stay tuned for more cool stuff!