Troubleshooting to Save Time

One of the unfortunate aspects of creating videos with intense graphic animations is the render time. Programs such as After Effects and Lightwave do not operate in real time and full resolution, so when the time comes to finalize a piece, the computer must render out each frame in its true form. Render time depends on many factors including number and type of effects used, video format and length as well as image format and size. Here at DDA we use state-of-the-art computer systems equipped with mucho processing power, so rendering usually is not an issue. Also, certain options can be disabled when rendering low resolution proofs so as not to waste valuable time. Some things that can speed up renders include turning vector images off, disabling effects, lowering the frames per second, and lowering the resolution. Recently, a project had been taking much longer to render than it should have so I began troubleshooting possible causes. It turns out that an effect that was used for a few seconds in the beginning of the project had been enabled throughout the remainder. This was causing the computer to render hidden effects that were not even being used. I disabled the unnecessary effects and sure enough, render time went from 2 hours to 20 minutes!