Turn Heads With Blu Ray

The video production industry is rapidly changing. Newer cameras are being released with higher resolutions and DVD is no longer the optimal way to watch video. A new format called Blu Ray is the new standard and you don’t want your video to be left in the dust. Currently, Blu Ray discs hold up to ten times more data than DVDs; and that number is sure to grow. This added space allows for high definition sound and video. Once you see Blu Ray’s crystal clear video and sound, you will forget all about DVDs. You can still hang on to them however, since Blu Ray players will play all your old DVDs.

So you are ready to step up to HD video you say? Need a video production company that can make it happen? Well you have come to the right place. DDA Video shoots in HDV and can process Blu Ray discs to create the ultimate high definition video. We can create promotional videos, training videos, trade show videos, television commercials, medical videos, product showcase videos, educational videos, or whatever you can dream up! Having a hard time dreaming? Let our talented staff of writers take over and create a script that will turn heads. At DDA Video, we can make it happen.