Tying Up Some Loose Ends

It is a surprisingly mild December 15h, but that is not hiding the fact that Christmas is just 10 days away; and I haven’t done any shopping yet! Whoops! Oh well, I still have plenty of time next weekend. Anyways, I just finished up the final revisions on the virtual trade show booth and it is looking fantastic. The client should be giving their official approval any day now. Keep a look out for the final product appearing in our portfolio soon!

The CD-ROM catalog was almost completed last week, but the client requested some last minute additions so we will be expanding this one even further! This project has grown so much from its infancy, it feels like a child to me. It shouldn’t be much longer before this one is complete as well.

Tomorrow we will be heading out on location for a dental surgery video shoot. You may remember many months back when we filmed the lovely process of dental implant surgery. Well now the patient is fully healed and ready for a follow up visit! This short follow up segment will be the long awaited conclusion to a project that has been on hold for several months.

See ya tomorrow!