Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Yesterday we received 2 more pieces of jewelry that needed 360 degree rotation videos made. It had been a while since we had created videos for over 800 pieces, but after a few minutes everything clicked and I got into my groove. It is so much nicer having the pop-up light tent now. It really saves a lot of time when it comes to setting up. I remember when I had made my own tent out of garbage bags, a cardboard box, paper, and packing tape. And for what it was, it worked well!

After finishing up those videos, I then made some minor edits to the interview footage that we had shot in Maine. I also made a minor adjustment to a product video for the CD-ROM catalog. We also are awaiting approval of the nanny recruiting video that we had shot a few weeks back. The remainder of the day was spent working on the Meet DDA videos. All that is left is creating the morphs and you should see our smiling faces soon!