Ultra is the Key to quality

Many of the shoots here at DDA Video are done in front of the green screen. For those who don’t know, the green screen allows us to put in any background we desire behind the subject in post production. The green works well because it is not a common color, so there is no need to worry about objects and clothing being mistaken for the background. Programs like Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects offer keying options for green screen footage, but the result sometimes can be sub par. Jagged lines may appear around the outline of the subject and some areas may not fully disappear.

To remedy this, Adobe introduced Ultra. Ultra is a program specifically designed for keying green screen footage. You simply import the footage, select the areas of color you wish to key out, and voila! You’re left with a clean keyed video with no lines around the subject. But the fun doesn’t stop there. There are many options that allow you to fine tune the key as well as color correct so no stone is left unturned. You can also add other effects to the video such as a drop shadow. Once the video meets your liking you simply export as an AVI or MOV and then use in the video editing program of your choice. For professional keying, Ultra is the best!