Disc Makers, a New Jersey based CD/DVD duplication company just introduced “The Reflex”; a USB drive duplication system capable of copying up to 11 drives at a time at up to 10 mbps. The product hopes to portray the USB drive as an alternative to Blu-Ray technology since drives can hold up to 16 gigabytes. Another benefit of using USB is that it is compatible with nearly all computers, while Blu-Ray technology is still fairly new and not accessible by as many people. USB uses can range from delivering custom marketing presentations, promotional give-aways and catalogs to software distribution, and more.

It is pretty incredible that this technology has come to the point where it is affordable enough to be duplicated on a large scale. Who knows, we may see the end of discs as we know it in the near future. No matter which format you want your content delivered, DDA has got you covered!