Viral Videos Get People Talking

Generating a buzz about your product or service can be a tough task to accomplish. It is difficult to stand out when there is already sea of other companies advertisements. Many consumers have been bombarded with traditional advertising so much, that it no longer has an effect on them. Because of this, more and more companies are turning to viral videos to get their message across.

Viral videos are interesting, eye catching videos that can be found on social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook and Myspace. These videos are mainly meant to shock, arouse curiosity, or entertain and do not appear to be promoting anything on the surface. Upon watching the video, the viewer is so curious as to its origin that he or she begins discussing it with friends and searching for more information about it. It is at this point that the viewer finds the product or service that the video is promoting and decides whether or not it is something they want or need.

Companies have been using viral videos for years and with the popularity of Internet media these days, viral videos are more relevant than ever. DDA Video’s team of writers can develop a viral video concept that is sure to arouse the curiosity of your demographic. Then, our video production team can film and edit the video to perfection and prepare it for web viewing. Check out to see our vast portfolio of work!