Voice Over Recording Becomes a Breeze

While I was editing some of the voice over audio for a training CD-ROM the other day, it dawned on me just how much time was saved because of our new facility. The shotgun microphone we use for voice over work is very sensitive to even the slightest background sound. When doing voice overs in our old building we often had to do several takes over, not because the actor made a mistake, but because the microphone picked up a sound in the background. Without an isolated area to do recording, the sound of a chair squeaking or person typing can ruin the take. When we moved to our new facility, we had three times the space so we were able to build an isolated soundproof booth to make voice over recording a breeze. Not only were the actors happier, but so were the other members of the video team. They no longer had to refrain from typing or take phone calls in another room. Also, because we did not have to do takes over, the project time was shortened and the client was happier. If you need a voice over recorded, leave it to the professionals. Leave it to DDA. DDA Video has worked with some of the best voices in the business so head on over to our Actor’s Network to take a listen. To view some finished projects check out our portfolio at DDAVideo.com!