What Will They Think Of Next?

I was at the gas station the other day and while I stood there waiting for my tank to fill and my wallet to empty, I noticed that there was a television on top of the gas pump. It was not showing television programs however, but advertisements. The strange thing was, I actually watched, because it was either that or stare at the ever growing traffic jam I was about to face. This made me come to the realization that televisions are in so many more places than they were just a few years ago. At the supermarket, there is a small TV for you to stare at while you wait to get checked out. Billboards on the highways are now giant LCD screens. People have TVs in their steering wheels (which seems a bit dangerous). Even cellphones can pick up television broadcasts these days. It is quite an age we live in and so much has changed since I was a young buck. It is a good time for our department however, as now we have more and more outlets to show off our video skills. So no matter where you want your ad to play, DDA has got you covered!