When Sending Proofs, WMV is the Way to Go

Last week, a client had requested that we send him a proof of a video in Quicktime format. We gladly obliged, but could not understand why he preferred that over windows media format. The Quicktime file was larger and the picture and sound quality was not as crisp. Also, the viewer had to wait until the video was finished loaded before viewing. Here at DDA video, we render the majority of our low resolution proofs in Windows Media format. The first reason is that Windows Media Player comes stock with all PCs, which constitute 90% of the market so the majority of users already have the player as opposed to Quicktime which is only packaged with MAC systems. The second reason is the great picture and sound quality to file size ratio. A 2 minute WMV video will be around 5 mb, where a Quicktime video of the same length is around 12 mb. WMV videos also stream quicker, meaning the viewer has virtually no wait time to view the video. Your time is valuable, don’t spend it waiting for a video to download!