Working With Flash

Yesterday I got to try my hand at some flash animation and let me tell you, it is no easy task! We are currently working on a training CD-ROM for a medical device manufacturer and have about 15 minutes of voiceover that needs to be synced with flash animation.

Rob and Laurence have been working on the bulk of it, but I had some free time yesterday so I figured I would help them out. Flash is a great program, but its similarities to other Adobe programs such as Premiere and After Effects are few and far between.

It took some time to adjust, but before I knew it I was cranking out some basic animation (using a previous project as a template of course). I took some screen shots of the equipment’s software and did some zooming and panning to give them motion. Since the product is medical in nature, it is especially important that the user has a firm understanding on how to use the machine properly. I definitely think this CD-ROM will do just that. The whole tutorial is looking great and is coming along quite swimmingly.