Wrapping Up a Number of Projects

We are finishing up a number of projects here at DDA Video. The first of which is a promotional video for a hospital in New York. You may remember when we went on location to film a number of patient and doctor testimonials as well as shots of the facility. Well now the website video is complete and it came out great! Coming in at about 3 1/2 minutes, the video shows the quality of the facilities and staff as well as real life praise from former patients. The next step is integrating the video into the sleek website that Judy designed.

We also finished a website with integrated video for a client that makes singing flower pots, snack bowls, and candy jars. This particular website shows each product in action using crystal clear video and sound. This ensures that the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing. It also features an animation that educates the viewer on just how the product functions. A better understanding of a product equals better sales.

Finally, I know I have been saying this for a while, but the new DDA Medical is almost complete! Yesterday I made some minor changes and additions to the samples content. The site now features 126 unique portfolio items! Laurence has been working hard to eliminate the few bugs that remain. It won’t be long now!