You Down With CMT? pt 2

We are making good progress on the CMT videos. So far I have done motion tracking and keying on 5 of the 15 scripts. It is taking a bit of time since some of the videos need to be run through the solver twice. It seems that they go off track after a certain amount of time due to camera panning or other factors, but that is usually taken care of in the second solve. Rob is back today so I will give him what I have done and the videos will begin to take shape. I will continue processing the footage we have today, but tomorrow I am taking a short vacation so I won’t be able to process any more until next week. There is still plenty of 3d modeling to be done so I am sure everyone will keep busy in my absence.

In other news, the rotating jewelry videos are nearing completion. I have about 650 of the 850 total videos processed. I will be splitting my time between the two projects today.