You down with VLC? Yeah, you know me.

Here at DDA Video we work with a seemingly endless amount of video file formats. There’s AVI whose files are HUGE and is mainly used for uncompressed video. There’s M2T which is a compressed HDV file. There’s MPEG which is a compressed file used for DVD creation. There’s FLV which is a flash video format used in website video. You get the point. The people at Windows don’t seem to however. Their Window’s Media Player only plays a handful of formats and get this…they want you to buy an add on just to watch a DVD!

Thankfully, the nice people at VLC have developed a clean, totally free media player that plays pretty much every format (with the exception of Apple’s MOV). It is especially handy for FLV files since your only other option is to open flash, create a new project, and import your file just to test it! You can even adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, etc of the image. VLC’s compact size saves desktop space as opposed to Windows Media Player which has an unnecessary large interface.

So go download your copy of VLC media player. I swear you’ll never go back to WMP.