3D Medical Animation with Top Notch Anatomical Accuracy

While winding down the other night, watching the National Geographic channel, an intriguing show came on called Humanly Impossible. The show featured hard to watch stunts of human strength, endurance, flexibility and objects going places they just shouldn’t go! The added layer to the show was the 3D animations interspersed with the video footage showing the anatomy of the performer and how bones, muscles and organs interact and react to the action.

The 3D medical animations were very slick, realistic and seemed very anatomically correct. The 3D models of one specific stunt looked very familiar. This stunt involved a Goth looking individual who could swallow an electric jackhammer while it was turned on. The footage faded to a 3D cutaway of his throat. Instantly, one of the 3D medical animations we are working on at DDA came to mind and the quality looked identical. We are creating over 73 3D animations of the anatomy of the human mouth and throat and the various disorders which can happen during the act of swallowing. As I watched the show, sometimes fascinated, other times horrified, I was proud that at DDA, we can match the quality and detail of 3D medical animations on premium cable documentaries.