3D video for healthcare IT, without the glasses …

… and without having to cross your eyes!

Although 3D video has been around for some time now, it really seems to be making a comeback since HD video’s explosion into the consumer market. I mean, it only seems like the next best thing since HD video, right? I think smell-o-vision can take a seat on the back-burner (hmm, that would be stinky).

3D video is big in the movie theaters but one still needs goofy glasses, and you have to wonder how many people keep them for the next 3D release or just toss them in the garbage can like an empty soda cup. 3D video has also started appearing online on some websites. But the true breakthrough will be when we can see 3D video without the glasses. Well, there is stereoscopic video but who wants to stare at a screen cross-eyed for more than 10 seconds? Seems like the company NewSight has the idea, and technology!

The proprietary technology NewSight uses involve the monitor construction and the video format. A glance through their site gives a glimpse of people’s authentic reactions to the 3D video, stopping them in their tracks as they walk by the video in a street-front window.

One particularly beneficial use of 3D video would be in the healthcare IT field. Having 3D video of 3D medical simulations gets users one step closer to the real thing. At DDA Medical, we have many projects that would benefit from this technology. I’m sure it’s only a matter of a couple years until we add 3D video to our extensive list of medical marketing services and healthcare IT services, and I can’t wait until that day arrives!