A Clear Plan from the Get-Go

It’s a fast paced world and time seems to be flying by quicker than ever. At DDA, we are approached by a number of potential clients each week looking for various video editing, website design, brochure, catalog or various other digital marketing services that we offer. During initial conversations and conference calls, the exact service they require is outlined and a plan created in order to develop a fast and accurate quote for their project. It is easiest for everyone involved when the client has a clear message and concept, with their requirements clearly outlined. Of course we also step up to a challenge of conceptualizing projects, but estimates and proposals can involve a lot more options to pinpoint the client’s needs and budget. Often times due to lack of time available, a project might not be quite clear in the client’s eye, or they may not be able to convey all the information needed to paint a whole picture. It is so important to try and achieve a clear plan from the get-go as it always becomes a tough issue if concepts are changed or additional items factored in. Project scope change can potentially alter the budget, necessitating proposal re-evaluations and project change orders.