A Hive of Activity in DDA Studios

It’s been a busy weekend for DDA Studios (including last Friday) and the business continues for the better part of this week. Last Friday we had an in-studio videoshoot that lasted all morning into the middle of the afternoon. The shoot consisted of conversations between two parents and two pediatric experts.

The setup involved a lot of green chroma key fabric to cover the background of shots from three different angles. In post-production, we’ll key out the green-screen and replace the background with views of a pediatrician’s office and exam room, customized and rendered in 3D. The videos will then be programmed into an online interactive user interface so users can quickly and easily navigate to a particular topic in the conversation.

On Sunday our photography crew went on-location to shoot models in medical office settings. The photo-shoot continues today, in-studio through Wednesday. For the in-studio shoots, we’re also using green-screen technology to place the models into various modern and customized 3D environments rendered with super realistic lighting and detail. So, let’s get the lights fired up and start snapping!