A Letter to Interactivity

Dear Interactivity,

I have noticed other DDAers writing letters to others but I’m not sure that you’ve received one yet? I’m really sorry that we’ve been leaving you out and not paying enough attention to you. I think that you’ve really become such an important part of our lives that we take you for granted! I just thought I should get in touch and let you know that we really care about you and think you’re great! It’s really you that makes it so much fun to be on the Internet. Each day, we come across you in certain forms and it makes me wonder, will we ever see the end of your amazing talents? I really hope not! I just don’t know how you can take on so many forms… an interactive website, interactive video, interactive animation, interactive multimedia and jeez, a whole interactive agency! You’re really unselfish too, just being around for other people’s entertainment. I think we should probably hang out more and maybe you can teach me some of your newest tricks. Anyway, I better get going, I have to meet up with Creativity for a bit. So keep it real, stay cool, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!