A Proposal of a Different Kind

One interesting part of my role at DDA is preparing time studies for projects that involve interactive videos or interactive animations, interactive 3D environments or just about anything that might use video, user interaction or animation. I analyze the different aspects of the conceptual project and decide what technologies are best suitable for the application. Based on a wide knowledge of software to accomplish certain needs, times are estimated for each crucial step in the project. My times are then crafted into a full proposal by our talented new business coordinators and offered to the potential client to process and review.

With Erin and I in the final stages (hopefully) of planning our wedding exactly one month from today, we have been offered a number of proposals from the various vendors involved. I am happy to say for DDA and those pursuing quotes from us, that the vendor’s proposals and process don’t live up to our standards. At times they have been vague or unprofessional and sometime quite delayed often with weeks passing between revisions.

The first thing you’ll notice from DDA through the first contact is our professionalism, thoroughness and timeliness. If your company requires a proposal, you can rest assured we’ll have something for you in no more than 3 business days and certainly less should it be requested. And if it doesn’t quite meet your needs or budget, we’ll certainly work our hardest to scale the proposal in your favor.