All in a Day’s Work

I’ve got a few things lined up today for a number of clients. Thanks to the broad range of clients we serve and the number of services we provide, variety and originality is something that drives the work at DDA. To begin the day, I write this blog to provide insight into the essence of being part of the DDA team and to expand the keyword rich content of our website. Some updates need to be made to a consumer and wholesale product CD-ROM which also links to the client’s shopping cart. The first version of the CD-ROM was completed early last year so this year’s release will include new items and new interactive video product demos. A virtual medical simulation introduction video, complete with a spokesperson composited into a custom designed virtual environment needs to be further refined, editing the audio for levels normalization and adding images provided by the client. The final video is to be integrated into the medical eLearning platform custom made by DDA. Features for the introduction video alone include subtitling and a segmented and interactive timeline scrub bar allowing users to skip to a particular topic of interest. In addition to these items, I will be completing other duties as the director of the video department managing a team of 3D animators, videographers, and flash programmers, researching new equipment to expand our capabilities and exploring new business opportunities with project kick-offs and working with the new business team on proposals. With these project assignments, roles to play, hats to wear, and always keeping alert for something unexpected to jump into the mix, the days and weeks always end up flying by!