An empty wall… in need of animation.

We recently rearranged our living room furniture with the addition of a new matching couch and armchair prompting the disassembling and removal of the futon to our basement purgatory. Needing more space to accommodate the furniture, we moved our long coffee table against a side wall and is now being used as the TV and entertainment center stand. As the table is rather low and the wall it is up against rather large– and currently void of wall hangings, it is rather an empty space in need of… something.

The other morning, I received an email from Design Within Reach (DWR), a furniture store which sells fully licensed classic designs, promoting a new kind of wall art. Following the link provided in the email, I came across some interesting concepts for filling an empty space on a wall. The concepts are graphics and illustrations which are actually decals and can be placed on walls and easily removed and repositioned. How cool would it be if these designs could move and animate? A far fetched idea maybe. Regardless, I am sure someone is already working on it.