Any advice?

This past weekend, Erin and I went on a road trip up to Providence to see my good friends Eric and Kelly with whom I lived with for 3 years during College at MICA. We don’t usually travel up that direction, so we trusted Google maps with giving us directions to their home in Lincoln Rhode Island, just north of Providence. We left around 11:30 am on Friday and 300 miles later, arrived at their front door step around 7:00 pm. It was a pretty long trek especially with the dense traffic we encountered for most of the stretch on 95 through Connecticut.

The Arcachas wined and dined us and drove us around Providence. We went to an antique show in Massachusetts, and walked our shoes off amongst the acres of old furniture, knick-nacks and lemonade stands. Kelly organized a surprise birthday outing for Eric and a group of us took a limo ride into Boston for a night around town.

We took the opportunity to ask for advice for the best route home. Luckily, a couple of Eric and Kelly’s friends lived down south and on many occasions drove down the east coast and had sound advice for us. The best route was to avoid 95 by going slightly further north and crossing over the Tappan Zee bridge. This way, we avoid the coastline drive in Connecticut and the GW Bridge around NY (I don’t think I’ve mentioned my biggest driving nightmares start to take shape the closer I get to NYC).

We reluctantly left the Arcachas (Otto, their Pug, included) and their beautiful historic house around 10:30 and got home around 4:30 with around 330 miles on the trip odometer. Clearly, a much better route than our outbound trip, thank you Jason!

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