Apple and Adobe Fistecuffs and little Johnny Cash

Today, David emailed an interesting article. Here was my response…

Interesting. Seems like Apple is saying “If you can’t get what you want done with html5, Javascript or CSS, do it our way, not the Adobe way. That way we can make money off of it in our App store.” From what I’ve been reading the past couple days, seems like html5 will be able to pull the weight of simpler things that Flash can do (video players, simple tools) but it still seems that for interaction-heavy and media-rich applications, Flash is going to hold its ground. Not sure what plans are in store for streaming video, html5 currently only supports progressive.

The situation is an interesting dilemma indeed. Clients would love to have their interactive video, medical simulation, virtual reality, interactive 3D and other highly interactive and media-rich projects available to use on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and other systems. But it comes at a cost. With there still not being a standard in cross-platform formats (their would have been if Apple agreed to accept Flash), applications will have to forgo being on some platforms or will need the funding to be built in multiple formats. But who knows, this may all change by tomorrow.

On a side-note, check out this awesome project. Thank you Adobe, Flash and Johnny Cash!