Augmented Reality is Mainstream

Over the weekend I heard a commercial for the Droid phone with one statement ringing out from the list of what droid “does”, augmented reality. Augmented reality is still an emerging technology which was only known to those researching its capabilities and a few tools and applications floating around on the internet making use of webcams and changing visual display based on the visual data being processed. But with advances in video cameras and their integration into smart phones, augmented reality is quickly becoming main stream. Examples would be information about stores or restaurants popping up on your phone’s screen as you pan it’s camera across a city street. Or seeing an Ad on a billboard, pointing the camera at it and the ad coming to life on your screen. Augmented reality offers lots of uses and unique user experience. That’s why we like the technology so much at DDA. In fact, we have our own example integrated into our DDA in 60 seconds promotional video.