Avatar Making the Most of New Media

Like many people, I can’t wait to see James Cameron’s latest epic movie, Avatar. With other blockbusters that are on the tippy-top of my movie list such as Alien, The Abyss, and Terminator, I’m hoping it will join the lineup of his movie masterpieces.

Taking a glance at his website over the weekend, it is full of new media features that we’re familiar with at DDA. One cool feature is it’s use of augmented reality in collaboration with the movie theme action figures and toys. Holding up a trading card to a webcam reveals 3D animated characters that appear and interact right on your screen. One can also download an interactive trailer built with Adobe Air. The trailer features an interactive time-line with hot spots that appear at various points in the trailer for added information. Although it might be new technology to some viewers, we know all about them and have applied similar features to projects that come through DDA such as interactive product showcasing, data synchronized videos, healthcare eLearning, medical eLearning, video integrated websites and a slew of other exciting projects. But one awesome feature of the Avatar movie will be watching it in 3D, technology that has taken leaps and bounds over the past few years and is bound to give Avatar something that James Cameron’s other movies haven’t benefited from.