Back to 3D

I think the last 3D project I worked on was 3D modeling for Galil Medical’s Precise machine medical product launch video, which was at least a couple years ago. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had plenty of other 3D projects come through since then but the 3D modeling and Animation has fallen into other talented hands while I am busy quoting and directing various interactive video, 3D animation and interactive Flash projects. Well, we’ve been pretty busy over the past couple weeks so it’s back to 3D for me!

Just like riding a bike after a long stint of non-bike riding, I was surprised how quickly I became reacquainted with our 3D modeling and animation software, Newtek Lightwave 9.6. Navigation shortcuts to change views came quickly to my fingertips. But I am definitely working with new tools and learning a lot. Such new challenges include animation morphs, bones, weight maps and IK Boost.