Batch Processing Jewelery Video Spins

Over the past couple weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, DDA Video has been processing close to 100 individual 360 degree video spins of beautiful wedding bands and engagement rings to be integrated into a client’s e-commerce jewelry store. When handling such a large quantity of product with such a repetitive task, one needs to be extremely efficient by using a refined process. Something trivial like having to cut off price tags from each ring can add up to minutes by the completion of the assignment. For me, compositing, editing, rendering, and still resizing was best achieved in batches, running a single process for about 10 items at a time until the final usable files are generated and then moving onto the next batch. The After Effects render queue and Photoshop batch process were great assets in completing this assignment. So before tackling any project, especially ones that involve repetition, getting the best work-flow and process efficiency will make both you and the client happy by having the completed product available sooner with less billed time.