Finally, we have a victor in the HD video delivery format!!! Commonly compared to the battle between VHS and Beta, DDA has long been waiting for the outcome of the Blu-ray/HD DVD battle. With Sony Playstation 3 and Warner Brothers supporting Blu-ray, it is with no great surprise that Toshiba’s HD DVD format bit the dust. Going to Toshiba’s HD DVD web page, one can find a message that brings to mind the waving of a white flag in surrender. With this good news, DDA is sure to be expanding its High Definition format DVD authoring services on Blu-ray discs. HD video offers extreme detail and sharpness unparalleled by SD (standard definition) video. Blu-ray discs offer interactive menus which are leaps above the menus offered on standard DVD discs. At DDA, we are excited to continue pushing the technological boundaries as High Definition Video moves into the next chapter of video entertainment.