Branding a Band

As my band, Mr. Radar, is on my mind this morning from having played a show last night in the city, I can’t help but write my blog about it. We formed about two years ago, mostly with the help of Craigslist. Turns out, the four of us ended up being a perfect match with musical interests, personalities, and humor all on par.

We recently finished recording our first EP and are getting ready to start promoting the band and sending out press kits, although we already seem to be getting shows at well known Philadelphia venues without much effort. A challenge at hand is the band’s identity. Luckily, Dan – our lead vox and rhythm guitar, is an English major and loves graphic novels and anime.

We have managed to create a story based around “Mr. Radar,” ourselves as his squad, on a quest through a vivid “steampunk dystopia.” This conjures up a lot of images and themes to be used for posters and websites which are currently in conceptualization. Using all the skills I have developed and honed at DDA, I feel like the possibilities are endless. I picture interactive tools, interactive Flash animations, website integrated video, Flash websites and any combination of the technologies and techniques we use at DDA. But just like any other client, we need to keep a close watch on time (as to not leave our fans hanging for too long) and budget (budget being how much time I can devote personally to the website build, no I’m not getting paid). Regardless, it’s an opportunity for me to have full control (with Chuck, Dan and Geoff’s approval, of course) and do some crazy and fun stuff with our site.