Build it Bigger and Better

This past weekend we got a lot of snow. Unfortunately it was the one time I really didn’t want it to. Saturday was to be the wedding day of my college roommate. At the very last minute they decided to move it to Friday and due to the impending “winter powerhouse” and some other factors, we weren’t able to make it to Baltimore. Although we were sad to have missed the occasion, we still enjoyed the snowy weekend watching Indie roll around and entertain himself in the powder and taking in the sights of feet of snow blanketing our neighborhood. I also took a couple hours to build an igloo in the back yard. I was surprised that even with the dry powdery consistency, I was able to make a decently sized igloo fitting Erin, Indie and myself quite comfortably! The igloo melted slightly yesterday in the bright sun but we’re expecting more snow this week. I’m wondering if it will be able to withstand another snowfall. If not, I’ll be sure to build another bigger and better. Luckily, our projects at DDA never shrink and melt away. But from each medical animation, eLearning platform or custom application, we learn greatly and plan to build future projects that are bigger and better. Take a look at our extensive medical marketing, corporate marketing, and eLearning portfolios and you might get an idea of what we can provide for you, but better.