Busy, Busy in the Video Department + This Week’s Best Commercial

That’s right, we’ve got lots going on here, reason for the long stretch of time since my last blog entry. We have lots of interesting video and animation projects happening at the moment including synched video and slide presentations, 3D anatomical and medical procedure animations, medical simulations and website integrated spokesperson videos. There’s never a dull moment at DDA.

Previously, I’ve listed my commercials of the week and while watching a new episode of The Big Bang Theory with my beautiful wife (that’s right, I’m married now!), that commercial made itself known. It was a brilliant mix of black and white imagery with an old recording of a speaker, probably someone very famous but from an age many years before my time. Although simple, it was also whimsical, patriotic and emotionally stirring.


Looking at the feedback, it seems there is mixed emotions about the commercial. Although I’m not too familiar with the company and its values or status in the market but it seems to me as a reflection on the company’s history and being in America, pure and simple. I wonder what you might think of it?

PS – Just noticed the speaker was the poet Walt Whitman