Camera Movement Technology

The other day I was watching an interesting show about movie magic, I forget what the name of the show was but in this episode they featured an interview with the inventor of the Steadicam. It was interesting to see the progression from early prototypes that used a cyborg eyepiece to view the camera’s movement to the current day technology that involves robotic looking arms that use variable load springs to balance and counterweight the camera. One of the first prototypes shot a scene of the inventor’s then girlfriend running up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, the shot being incredibly smooth and fluid. This shot later influenced the well known scene in the Rocky movie, which was actually shot by the inventor. He then went one to create a number of other camera movement inventions that have made things more engaging to watch. These inventions include the Skycam, Divecam, Mobycam, and Gocam. When you’re watching the Olympics or some televised sporting event, likelihood is you’re watching the use of one of these technologies.

Although when you’re watching a DDA Video medical procedure video, industrial tradeshow video, e-learning video or product demonstration video you might not be using one of these technologies, as mentioned in my blog the other day, we have some great gear in our studios to achieve some stunning shots. It’s only a matter of time until we’re running around sets of on-location shoots with Steadicams, or maybe we’ll invent our own technology, the Indiecam!